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og About Us




Two girls, an Italian and Argentinian that share a passion for travel find each other at the heart of the Caribbean and fall in love with magical Tulum beach town. Both restless and wild spirits, curious about the mexican culture decide to support the artisans by sharing their art to the world in a form of a peculiar little shop called ¨La Tiendita¨.






Meet our in-house designers
…..Andrea y Diego.

Thanks to their help and their team of local artisans, we are now finally able to create our own clothing line portraying the true essence of the brand: lightweight, effortless pieces for the natural beauty.
Each time they embrace on a new journey they come accross one of a kind, local, hand crafted pieces that are carefully selected based on the quality of the material, texture and color, always choosing organic fibers and natural hues that represent the element of earth.