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Weare 2 foreign travelers that found one another in the heart of the Caribbean and fell in love with magical Tulum. Both restless and wild spirited; curious about the Mexican culture, we decided to explore the country together and came across not only the magnificent cities, landscapes and history; but also delicious food, art and incredibly talented local artisans. This trip together inspired us to start our own little project we now call “La Tiendita".

We knew we had to share our findings with the world, especially if it meant supporting the artisans
from indigenous communities. We began collaborating with them and with time, developed a tight bond, a

We’re proud of what we have here; honoring fair trade values and ethical, sustainable design principals; sourcing organic materials mostly from the region. We are truly passionate about our role, delivering high-quality, sustainable, beautiful pieces from natural origins; devotedly handcrafted by local natives and from other magical towns ´pueblos mágicos´ around México.

Every little thing we do, from picking out a thread to placing the tag and displaying the finished item at the store is done with the kindest, most elevated energy; which no doubt you will be able to feel at a simple touch. We believe in the energy of things made with love and this is what we want to share with you for you to welcome into your home.

-Francesca (Italy)
& Noelia (Argentina).