Our Brand

Our exclusive linen apparel line, portraying the true essence of the Brand: lightweight, effortless pieces for the natural beauty.
La Nativa was born with a little help from our designer friends, Diego and Andrea. We believe that for any successful venture, ingredients are key; and this is not the exception when it comes to making clothes. The people who make our garments are as important as the people who wear them. The way we manufacture is as important as what we employ as materials. This is why all of our items (home décor, accessories, and apparel) are handmade by local artisans. We are committed to making everything in Tulum because it is vital for us to support our community.
We also respect ethical and sustainable standards; thus we chose organic linen as our one and only textile.
We celebrate wrinkled linen, as it is the natural state of the fabric; the elegance of raw fibers; the roughness in rustic textures. The beauty of them is that they are not perfect, and we indulge ourselves emphasizing these imperfections.
This collection connects us with the earth and the hands of our laborers. There’s luxury in simplicity.
Find us at @lanativacollection